The Minotaur

Recently guided by Ariane through the streets of Toulouse, the Guardian of the Temple, a unique machine designed specifically for La Ville Rose as Toulouse is known, has arrived in its new home: La Halle de La Machine.
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The Minotaur

A moving architectural structure, the Minotaur is able to carry up to 50 people on its back for daily excursions in the Montaudran district. He gallops and rears, goes to sleep and handles objects. He incarnates life and provides a different perspective on places through his movements.

Predominantly leather, wood and steel and embellished with gold leaf, this giant machine weighs 47 tonnes and stands at a height of 14 metres...
1st entered into service :
Type :
Performance machine
Power :
Performance :
The Guardian of the Temple
Materials :
Steel, wood
Measurements :
47 tons, 13m long, 4 m wide, up to 14m high