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7 Mai

La Symphonie Mécanique

" La Symphonie Mécanique is a disparate but close-knit group of musicians and mechanics who manipulate tools, machines and instruments, mixing the classical form and the modern bazaar into an unheard of and crunchy sound paste." Mino Malan

La Symphonie mécanique

A unique show, a work in permanent creation by La Machine

1 classical orchestra | 50 music machines | 1 360° sound and visual experience

The spectator is invited to visit a symphony workshop and while he expects to listen to a classical concert, everything changes. He finds himself embarked on a journey where something else is playing. The workshop becomes a stage and the spectator is immersed in a flood of images and sounds that spring up from all sides. By moving around, the spectator creates his own “mix”. The sound of the flute pot supported by the violins follows the xylo-à-coudre when suddenly behind it, the flip-flop organ improvises with a brass section.

What unfolds is a subtle mix of the senses. The language is frank, simple and realistic. The spectator has the choice of seeing and hearing from afar or of crossing the playing area and being at the heart of the symphony to feel the heat of the flames, the smells, to go around the classical musicians, the manipulators, the actors and the music machines. Created by François Delaroziere and Mino Malan, La Symphonie mécanique is not only a musical proposal, it is a hybrid, organic and sensory form. An invitation to circular melodies for a subtle mix of the senses.

From 4 to 7 May 2023
Full price – € 20 – Reduced price – € 14