Du 16 au
30 Décembre

Le Noël d’Astérion

During the festive season, Asterion the Minotaur invites you to the Halle de La Machine, to spend a magical holiday.

If you discovered the small and big machines by night ? The Halle de La Machine opens its doors for the first time during a Nocturne full of surprises.
While a miraculous snow falls, the “Véritable Marché de Presque Noël ” is brimming with creativity and poetry to offer. Waffles, chocolate and mulled wine fill the air. The braziers brown the chestnuts and warm the atmosphere when the rock songs of a resolutely magical Christmas resound in chorus. In the course of three chords, our merry troublemakers, the Véritables Machinistes, tell you in music, some stories as fabulous as they are legendary. Listen to their stories and enjoy a delightful moment with your family, by the light of Asterion’s torch.

From 17th to 31 of december, 
from tuesday to sunday – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


The “Almost True Christmas Market” will come to life under the snowflakes, until the night of Saturday 17 December, and during the whole afternoon of Sunday 18 December. From stand to stand, you will discover that our True Machinists are also true creators with golden fingers. And it is their creative genius that you can offer to your loved ones at Christmas. Musical postcards, original silk-screen printing, drawings and unique pieces: this year, put some poetry at the foot of the tree! Mmmh! Can you smell that sweet smell of greed? Chestnuts, waffles, chocolate and mulled wine are in the air! Something to delight the taste buds of young and old alike!
Saturday 17 December from 2pm to 11pm and Sunday 18 December – 12pm to 6pm
In front of the Halle de la Machine. Free access


Come and discover the Machines stable by night, during an exceptional evening. By the light of the torches, and with their heads turned upside down, our True Machinists will twirl around the Hall to offer you amazing moments of aerial poetry. Keep your eyes open when they descend from the sky: they will be holding a thousand surprises in store for you. Equipped with their guitar, double bass, trumpet, but also a flute pan, a storm machine, a central drum kit and a pastisophone… the machinist-musicians of the Halle de la Machine will reinterpret, in a way that is as rock’n’roll as it is mechanical, the great tradition of Christmas choirs. A wind of madness in prospect! With a torch in hand, Asterion the Minotaur will extend his travels until dusk. Climb aboard his temple to discover the Giant’s Trail under the starry sky. The fish, polar buffaloes and giant insects of the Carré Sénart merry-go-round will make your head spin, during a fiery and musical round. Major snowfall on the horizon! We are ready to bet that the Piste des Géants will be covered with its white coat… Heading or not heading? Simply magical!
Exceptional night-time opening, Saturday 17 December until 11:00 pm



Once upon a time… Asterion’s Christmas was completely crazy! Take a trip down the trail of unbridled imagination at the Winter and Miscellaneous Tales offered throughout the Christmas holidays. These stories will be told and set to music by our True Machinists. Listen to their tales and set off on an imaginary journey: on a sleigh to the North Pole, on a sledge in the mountains, or on foot in the footsteps of the abominable snowman. An avalanche of good humour and a gentle storm of flakes are guaranteed. And if the unbearable suspense of these fabulous fables should give you the shivers, the flaming braziers will crackle with joy to warm your heart. But… it’s already time for a snack! Enjoy a waffle or a crêpe with your hot chocolate!
Every day from 17 to 30 December (except 19, 24, 25 and 26 December)  
– 4pm: 8 – 11 years old
– 4.45pm: 4 – 7 years old
Free access.
On Saturday 17 December at 4.45pm, the story will also be interpreted in French Sign Language.