Du 26 Mai au
28 Août

Lever de rideau

End of hibernation for the Minotaur and the bestiary of the Halle de La Machine. From 29 May, you are invited to a "Curtain Raiser" which announces a bubbling, turbulent, constructive, musical and aerial summer.

From 29 May to 27 of June : OPEN ON SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS

To plunge into the universe of La Machine, start by going through the Machine to welcome the public. Behind the curtain, the True Machinists, still at work, will reveal the secrets of the mythical Dragon de Calais through a completely renewed scenography. Prestigious guests will also make their appearance between two containers, with machines that are as surprising, noisy and breathtaking as ever.
On the Track, the Minotaur will once again be able to stretch his legs and carry brave travellers on his back. On his way, the buffaloes, fishes and insects of the Carré Sénart Roundabout continue to turn.
For a total immersion and a summer atmosphere, settle down on the terrace of the Minotaure Café and watch the Minotaure’s awakenings or find new books and real trinkets in the Boutique-Librairie.
The curtain is definitely up for the summer !