The Spider

Just like a dancer, the spider moves and walks, stepping over trees, street lights and bus shelters. It has even been spotted clinging onto the edifices of various cathedrals, in Reims and Ottawa for example...
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The Spider

It has mobile eyes. It spits and projects water from the spinnerets on its abdomen. It lives in the Halle de La Machine and the public is invited to climb on its back to take the technicians’s place.

Its eight legs and body are articulated, allowing it to move very gracefully. It is the most mobile and agile of all our machines. At rest, it is 5.70m high and 6m high, but it can stand at up to 13m in height when in operation. When in operation, it has a span of about 20m.
1st entered into service :
Type :
Performance machine
Power :
Hydraulic and thermal
Performance :
The Learned Mechanics
Materials :
Steel, wood
Measurements :
38 tons, 6 to 13m high, 20m span
Les Mécaniques Savantes, Yokohama 2009