The Carré Sénart Roundabout

Carré Sénart
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The Carré Sénart Roundabout

Giant buffaloes hauling mobile fish heads cross a circle of insects on rails, whilst other climbing creatures move around this fanciful, fairytale-like structure.

The Carré Sénart roundabout looks at the question of movement: verticality, horizontality, rotation, crossovers. All of this movement generates a complex game of perspective between users and is an invitation to share in the emotion of an imaginary journey into the heart of this fantastical setting. With a side measurement (rather than radial length!) of 18 metres and a maximum height of 14 metres, the Roundabout can accommodate 48 people, adults and children.
The Carré Sénart roundabout was designed and created by François Delaroziere and La Machine. It was financed through a competition held by the Syndicat d’Agglomération Nouvelle de Sénart, the Etablissement Public d’Aménagement de Sénart and Unibail-Rodamco.
Type :
Inauguration :
2008 in Sénart
Materials :
Wood, steel, glass, PVC canvas
Measurements :
40 tonnes, 18m side length, 14m high