Du 23 Décembre au
7 Janvier

Le Noël d’Astérion

During the Christmas holydays, Asterion the Minotaur invites you to the Halle de La Machine, to spend a magical christmas.

During the holiday, Asterion the Minotaur invites you to spend a magical christmas at the Halle de La Machine in Toulouse. Thousands of snowflakes are falling. Pancakes, chocolate and mulled wine fill the air with their deliciously sweet fragrances. Chestnuts are browning in the roaring fire of the paletto-châtaignes, while you thrill to the sound of the impressive Orgue-à-feu that resounds daily on the Piste des Géants. The Déjeuners des Petites Mécaniques get all dressed up with a festive menu. Suddenly, three hammer blows sound: art lovers, extravagant and colourful, the Extr{Art}dinary Auction is on! Hark, hark to the winter tales of our troublemakers, the Véritables Machinistes, and revel in the joys of a resolutely frosty Christmas.

From 23th December 2023 to 7th January 2024,
Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm


Notice to lovers of art, extravagance and colour: the Christmas holidays are off to a flying start. Three blows of the hammer: our two auctioneers declare open the Extr(ART)dinaire Sale at La Criée! The works of art created by François Delaroziere’s calligraphic painting machine, pointillist, machine for drawing with the wind and catapult for the “DANS LES CARTONS” exhibition are all looking for their rightful owners. On Christmas Eve, the Halle de la Machine will be transformed into an Art Gallery for a day. It’s the perfect opportunity for collectors and latecomers alike to place a work signed by François Delaroziere at the foot of the Christmas tree. It’s also, and above all, a golden opportunity to enjoy a delightful day out, as extravagant as it is cheeky. Once. Two times. Three times over. Sold!
> Extra(ART)dinaire Sale at La Criée: Saturday 23 December from 10am to 6pm.


Once upon a time… Asterion’s Christmas was completely crazy! Take a trip down the trail of unbridled imagination at the Winter and Miscellaneous Tales offered throughout the Christmas holidays. These stories will be told and set to music by our True Machinists. Listen to their tales and set off on an imaginary journey: on a sleigh to the North Pole, on a sledge in the mountains, or on foot in the footsteps of the abominable snowman. An avalanche of good humour and a gentle storm of flakes are guaranteed. And if the unbearable suspense of these fabulous fables should give you the shivers, the flaming braziers will crackle with joy to warm your heart. But… it’s already time for a snack! Enjoy a waffle or a crêpe with your hot chocolate!
Every day from 23 December to 7th of january (except 25th decembre, 1st of january)
– 4pm: 8 – 11 years old
– 4.45pm: 4 – 7 years old
Free access.
On Saturday 23 December at 4.45pm, the story will also be interpreted in French Sign Language.

OUTSIDE THE WALLS In the run-up to the holidays, as part of the “Tales are good” programme organised by Toulouse’s libraries, enjoy an afternoon of Winter and Varied Tales, in the company of a veritable machinist and a bevy of merry little machines.
Enjoy an afternoon of Winter and Varied Tales, in the company of a veritable machinist and a whole host of little machines that will be ringing with joy.
> Wednesday 13 December at 4pm at the Médiathèque de Rangueil. Free admission. Registration on 05 61 22 24 50


A festive table. Delicious food. Light in the eyes. Sparkling champagne bubbles. Joy in our hearts. Gifts placed at the foot of a forest of illuminated fir trees… As the year draws to a close, the Déjeuner des Petites Mécaniques is taking on the magic of Christmas! From 23 to 31 December, the Halle de la Machine invites you to enjoy an exceptional Déjeuner des Petites Mécaniques. Delicate festive flavours and lots of surprises on the menu!

from Saturday 23 to Sunday 31 December between 12 noon and 3pm (except Monday 25 and Tuesday 26). 75 € per person. Booking recommended on the Halle de la Machine website.