Du 17 Mars au
4 Juin

Patrick Tresset ‘s Robot Portraitists

Patrick Tresset is a Brussels-based artist whose work explores human traits and aspects of the human experience. His work reflects recurring themes such as the passage of time, childhood, conformity, obsession, nervousness and the need to tell stories and leave marks. He is best known for his performative installations using robotic agents as stylized actors who leave marks, as well as his exploration of drawing practice using computer systems and robots.

Human Study #1” is an installation in which three drawing robots create drawings of human models for 20-30 minutes. Each robot is equipped with an arm and motorised webcams which observe the subject of the drawing in progress and then draw the ‘analysed’ subject. The sound produced by the robots’ motors creates an improvised soundtrack. While the robots perform their artwork, the human models remain passive. The drawings made by the robots are gradually exposed to create a real portrait gallery.

Robot Portraitists – 17 February to 31 March