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Long Ma arrives in Toulouse

The Dragon Horse Long Ma created by François Delaroziere and the Compagnie La Machine, arrives for the first time in Toulouse on the 19th February 2022.

Inspired by a Chinese legend, the goddess of Nüwa, François Delaroziere created Long Ma in 2014 for a big show in Beijing!

Long Ma is a chimerical creature, she observes men and watches over them. Made of wood and steel, it is 12 metres high, 5 metres wide and 45 tonnes. Nestled inside the Hall, this unusual work of art will be awakened every day by the mechanical sounds of the stable of machines.

The Véritables Machinistes will invite the public to discover the history of this monumental machine, to be surprised by the sensitivity and precision of its movements. On certain days, Long Ma will be able to venture outside, on the Track, to greet Asterion the Minotaur and the inhabitants of the Montaudran district.

A machine, an exhibition 

After having walked the streets of Beijing, Ottawa, Nantes and Calais, Long Ma has come to nestle inside glass and steel walls of the Halle. Cradled by the mechanical sounds of his roommates, this imposing the mechanical sounds of his roommates, this imposing creature wakes up every day in the middle of a completely renewed scenography. Its presence is accompanied by a large exhibition “the spirit of the Dragon Horse”, which retraces the stages of its of its construction and the various shows around the around the world.
From 19 February to 8 May 2022 and form the 9th of may to the end of august
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Long Ma le cheval Dragon Compagnie La Machine

Long Ma le cheval Dragon Compagnie La Machine crédit Jordi Bover

A great show

The teams of the Halle de La Machine and the Compagnie La Machine invite you to experience two exceptional days. The Piste des Géants becomes a huge stage for a great show. Inspired by a Chinese myth, an epic breath of fresh air animates Long Ma and the Great Spider.
Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 April 2022
Giant’s Track – Free

The Season of the Giants

For the first time, Long Ma is taking travellers on board his travel temple inspired by the architecture of the Forbidden City. A choice place to walk through a changing neighbourhood and meet Asterion the Minotaur and his guests at a height of 10 metres. It’s a real crossroads of giants!
From 19 April to 8 May 2022
Trail of Giants
Reservations for the dragon ride will be available soon